Return to Eden Tears of Mu 2024

Return to Eden Tears of Mu 2024

Return to Eden Tears of Mu

People encounter the reality of the unreal.
That was not of this world.
Can people endure the miracle of shocking truth?

EDEN Tears of Mu
It was a time when humanity still used only a few languages.
Everyone was born into the unknown and lived in mystery.
It's about that era.
Parents, family members, and the people around them, all of whom we now speak of, had almost no verbal activity and little thought.
At such times, humanity had no choice but to perceive the world as it was, as a mysterious unknown.
They don't even know if this here and now is real. They do not know where they are, when they are here, or who they are.
At such a time, amid mystery, it was challenging for people to form their egos, in a sense.
There was no separation of self and other. And people did not know whether they were alive in the first place because they did not know where this world was.
This story begins in an era before humanity began to divide.
And it was called Eden...!
There was an eternal EDEN

Movie summary

The reason I left Naacal is because of the deep sorrow…
I left Sumer, the capital of Naacal,
because I was deeply saddened.…
After people ate the fruit of the division,
they all began to fight each other.
Race, nation-to-nation, organization,
skin-to-skin, ideology, people-to-people,
competition, fighting, religion, politics,
and various divisions have struck humanity,
as did the parent nation of the Naacal.
So did the leaders of our country…
I swore to God.
God trusted me to create a world of people who
realized that all that harmonizes is one.
The extreme end of separation, the time of the end,
the time when all values are divided,
and all are heading for destruction.
God has said that there is no such thing
as a division in this world and
that he will return the world (all things) to Eden.
That which leads to the truth of love, to oneness,
will be born of my children…
I am now heading to the promised land to keep that promise…

In the dream of one that God and humanity call,
people are divided,
comparing, competing,
and foolishly killing each other…
Just because they don’t know the truth…
Tears of Mu
Tears of great leaders who learned to love…
Couldn’t change the history…

Since ancient times,
this world has become dark.

The real reason is that society has been
structured based on the principle of division and
the value of separateness without knowing

Sadly, everything is an enemy, a rival.
The days are filled with competition, comparison,
superiority, domination, slavery, conceit, and

I am sure that people are now aware of the
oneness of the world and wish to return to Eden,
the land of love in harmony…

Healing Animation
Return to EDEN TEARS of MU
2024 Release
In the process of production

Animated Feature Film / Main story: 1 hours 30 minutes / Bonus:
Original story, music, script, directed and overall production by Marth
Hardcoded subtitles English
CC, subtitles English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Hungarian, Russian, Belarusian ,Korean
Audio languages Japanese
Healing Animation movie
HD video & Bonus Features included

Return to Eden Tears of Mu 2024